Chillin like a villain

Now obviously these alligators aren’t villains right now at the moment because they’re babies.  But once they grow up they will be villains alright.  They’re also part of the dinosaurs who are evil.

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The flying UFO

This may look like a UFO, but it’s actually a large frisbee that I got from my mom.  As you can see, there’s a little glow to it, which kind of makes it like a UFO.  If you look very closely, you can see through it.

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Erasers are fashionable

This tank was originally my friend Nicholas’ tank.  But he gave it to me.  Sometimes, erasers are all beat up and torn apart.  But not this eraser.  This one is fashionable.

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So close, yet so far away

Look closely to see the craters.  Do you know where they come from?  Meteors!

Our moon shines bright in this picture that my dad took.  If you look real close, sometimes it glows.

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Spying for prey

According to the National Geographic’s Field Guide to Birds, this large Osprey “hunts by soaring over water, hovering, then diving down and plunging feet first into water to snatch its prey using large talons for a firm grasp. Feeds only on fish. Call is a series of clear, resonant, whistled kyews.”  This is a shot my dad took:


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Spinning wheel of fire!

On the Fourth of July, we got some sparklers and did a little trick with them!  This was the second time I used sparklers that I can remember.  That’s me standing in the pictures.  Obviously, this isn’t really fire.  It’s just science that my dad’s camera can photograph.























This next picture is with my mom in the background.

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Sculptures take the scene

Sculptures are built for many reasons.  For fashion, for entertainment and photography.  In this picture, we went to Vinoy Park and got pictures of sculptures.










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